Begin at the Beginning

Each of them were profound and true to their characters. Peculiar but so certain. That must come from strong beginnings. In a very Alice mood, I accompanied my toddler to her first Mehndi, yet I want her to analyse everything the way she seems to be internalising it, never following the crowd but only her heart.
“I don’t think…” then you shouldn’t talk, said the Hatter”

Life is but a dream, Gently down the stream.

Gently responsive and empathic parenting is the only way we can ensure our children are neither the bullies nor the bullied. Raising a glass to a more compassionate loving space.

Wonder Weeks; Leaping through the Wondrous Weeks

Leaping through Brain Development, tracking your baby’s journey through the Three Cs. Empathy goes a long way and ensures a happier baby. How to love your child through Tantrums by knowing their why!

What’s On Your Nappy Pail | August 06.17

So being a new mom it goes without saying that books will inevitably keep piling up on my nappy pail and where I would usually take a few hours, a night tops to devour a book of this size and stature, this one was the first book postpartum that made me realise things have changed….