5 Tips for Smart Google-ing through Mom Life

Nothing spells chaos like having a baby. Except that baby growing into a toddler. As often as we run to Google everything, here are a few ways we can optimise that frantic attempt. Some method to the madness. Not promising much but only some.

Wonder Weeks; Leaping through the Wondrous Weeks

Leaping through Brain Development, tracking your baby’s journey through the Three Cs. Empathy goes a long way and ensures a happier baby. How to love your child through Tantrums by knowing their why!

Eid ul Azha, New Humans and Mr. Prime Minister

From a Mom Dilemma around Sacrifice to how Social media attacks us or picks us up on a magic carpet right down to how much a New Leader can help build a nation and what’s left for us to do.
This post is a whole lot of feels, decisions, expectations and Things to do (or mend?)