Here We Go

When I was young, I wanted to be a mum. Not for the joys of motherhood or all that it has been whipped about to be but because I could play with a baby for as long as I want without anyone telling me I need to stop now. This was 10 year old me who had to study and be torn away from my tiny cousins. As I grew older and the implications of having kids unravelled coupled with my failed relationships resulting in the vehement need to stay unattached, the need to have a child reduced and slowly in light of my career and busy schedule I had convinced myself that my life (and truly so) does not, quite literally, have space for a child. Lo and behold, a few years fast forward, I was sitting in the washroom staring at a faint positive pregnancy test.

Where ALL of my life has been about my career and traveling and other fun stuff, these are uncharted territories. I thought I’d chronicle the myriad of emotions and experiences as I go along. You are welcome to skip along.