I love how you can follow hashtags on Instagram now. For both my businesses I’m following their relevant keywords but for my blog I follow only breastfeeding (so far).

It keeps me

1. On top of the game with information

And above all

2. Motivated to continue. Though who am I kidding. I’m gonna have more of a meltdown when we wean than Sassi is. So yeah. Sab Drama!

Here’s what our favourite pastime is.

Sass and I binge watch the 3. Something MILLION tagged posts that hashtag Breastfeeding pulls up.

It is a RIOT.

With “Bubby Bubby Bubby” on the loop. Or uncontrollable giggles. Accompanying the “bubbies” in the videos or pictures.

I also particularly love how she’s looking at it not any more with inquisitive eyes but those of a knowing adult interspersed with infectious and spontaneous laughter. She looks so…grown up in front of those few months olds.

It’s our time. Our fun time. Our funny time!

Here’s where I’m going with this.

I don’t EVER want to even FEEL uncomfortable about my child seeing someone breastfeeding in public. That IS what Breasts are made for.

If you can eat a sandwich in public, a child can breastfeed in public too.

Anyone thinking otherwise are so severely socially conditioned they don’t know logic from what’s been artificially fed to their brains.

Not just that. They’re actually indecent for talking about it the way they do instead of the act being so, as they portray.

Let the babies be. Let their mothers be. Breastfeeding is a choice that already comes with plenty of rough times. Don’t add to it.

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