Wonder Weeks; Leaping through the Wondrous Weeks

If you haven’t read the book Wonder Weeks then you’re probably lost-er than those of us who have.

Around us we tend to grow through another life as our babies grow. So many times we feel our child is acting up or doing something differently when we can’t exactly pin point a reason.

All of a sudden our happy, sunny face baby will turn into a green monster, or an otherwise independent baby will become a Velcro-to-leg chiclet, or a child who would sleep through the night will start waking up or become difficult to put to bed.

No change in any aspect of their surroundings.

Just no clear reason altogether.

Where there is little one can do through such times except displaying truckloads of patience, it becomes easier if you empathise with the child and what he or she is going through.

I had always heard of growth spurts but through the early days and incessant Google-ing things like “5 weeks old +overfeeding+ clingy” I came across this phenomenon of Mental Development Leaps.

Where Growth Spurts in the early years is limited to head circumference, height and teeth etc. Mental Development leaps have their own patterns they follow.

Charted from the expected delivery date and not the actual date of birth (since brain development begins in-utero) this is a set chart of Mental Development leaps that not only explains sudden changes in the baby’s behaviour but also tells us which abilities are being developed and what all to look out for.

In the first 18-20 months of a child’s life, they go through 10 Mental Development Leaps, each unlocking different abilities and achievements and of course showing up with their own mix of three Cs. Cranky, Clingy and Crying. It is exposure to new perceptions with every leap and thus everything “changes” for the baby in his or her tiny world. This book basically helps with cracking the code on Change Management and making the changes predictable.

The first phase of each leap consists of difficult behaviour associated with the leap and in the second phase the attributable abilities start to surface.

It is but obvious that since the brain is busy in figuring such incredible connections and developing intricate information patterns, everything else seems like an overload and children are not only overwhelmed more often, they’re tired and confused and jittery too.

Knowing all that’s going on in their heads would help relate to their trouble and trust me, in front of their issues, your own matter of just handling a cranky baby seems minuscule.

If you haven’t read the book I would strongly recommend buying the Wonder Weeks app. It may not have ALL the information the book has but it definitely has plenty.

It has details on every leap

I kid you not, I would get the Leap Alarm on my phone and I could match it to S’s mood swings.

As she is on the last leg of the tenth and final leap, we will soon be retiring this app’s usage but it is one of the few most useful assets/ source of information that we used with her.

It has a Summary Page as shown above.

One with the list of abilities developing within that leap.

And Signs the baby displays.

It also has a complete calendar of the entire chart showing you where you are as well a shared embedded videos for exercises you can do with your child in each leap.

There’s also a space to mark or write notes in for each leap. It works as a great memorabilia if you didn’t go ahead and buy a domain and start your own blog like “some people did” so they can hold on to memories. *snicker*

In addition to this, a Facebook Group was amazing help with the solidarity part of “Is this the crappiest leap or what?”

Use the search bar often. I don’t think I’ve ever had to post here. I’d find enough support using the search bar. *smirk*

My baby started eating with her own hands a week ago. She still holds the spoon from the edge and is a mix of how she holds a crayon and how she SHOULD hold a spoon but she’s guaranteed a tad better than many grownups in composure and perseverance. Definitely eats more than I am able to feed her because responsibility is fun stuff!

She also said “Andar ” (Inside) today when’s he wanted to come to the bedroom and sleep.

She’s growing way too fast and that excites me, I’ll have a newer version Sass 2.0 to play with while I was able to love Sass 1.0 through her growing pains. Some say they last a lifetime. More so for the parents.


I’m here my precious. We will take it on one cramp at a time ♥️

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