Roald Dahl Day with a bit of Sass!

Sassi is 16 Months old yet her favourite “toys” since the age of 5 Months have been books.

She would chew them, hold them upside down, pull off all book jackets, make a huge pile of them pulling them out of the shelves, looking so important, going through Faisal’s Education, Philosophy, Economics and Game Theory books. Mine are already in piles in the other room and we have yet to get shelves made so yeah. They’re safe for now.

Her own board books ranging from Maisy Mouse to Crayon Box to Exploring London That’s not my Snowman and so so many more get chewed and flipped through all the time. However. Recently. I brought home one of my favourite childhood authors for her.

Roald Dahl.

We grew up reading all sorts of books. No inhibitions. Those Chinese illustrated books in Urdu and matching ones in English. Enid Blyton. Roald Dahl. Think of it and we had inhaled it.

My favourites by Roald Dahl were Matilda and The BFG. Coincidently they even made movies out of them. In fear of ruining my own perception of the books I still haven’t seen either but the books I’ve always loved.

Sass however was a tad tiny for these books unless it was exclusively for chewing purposes. (Hello Molars!).

So I got her this!

It’s a cute little board book with opposites you need to lift a flap on each page for.

I MAKE it a point never to lift them flaps because I know they won’t last a day. They’ll be shred to pieces just like my credit card statement was an hour ago.

We still read it enthusiastically and love it. Some day I’ll remember to lift the flaps and read what’s under them myself. While she’s asleep. Note to self.

For now.


So thankful to have had his works in our lives.

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