August for Independence: Part Two

As part of the celebration this month, we curated our subscription boxes around the theme of Independence Day and can I say what a hit?

It’s heartening to see how patriotism hits our nation as we approach this day. More so this year with the recent elections we are STILL receiving queries (read: pleading and begging) for one more box just one more box.

It’s overwhelming, it’s unreal, it’s the feeling of being Uber blessed. Dotte, like Ánesi is my labour of love but more in flux with the curation of a new assortment every month to go out to our lovely subscribers.

I was recently compiling the reviews we have received in the past 5 months and it got me all teary eyed. We are not even a year old and the response to what kicked off as a pilot first month of service this past March, just happened to stick around, growing exponentially every month.

Let me walk you through the contents this month.

– A badge and a Journal on the theme of Oh Pakistan, My Pakistan. The latter being the Journal that you build as a Doers Guide to do your part in improving your country.

– handmade paper bookmark

– Neem seeds to grow a greener Pakistan in the years to come. We put up flag buntings (jhandiyaan) every year, why not plant an indigenous tree and see it grow through the years? Your very own green from the flag attracting white butterflies (Amen!) Year after Year.

– Chocolates and Lemon Ginger tea. A concoction indigenous to our part of the world.

– Multani Mitti and Neem powder as a face mask aka the concept of Vatan ki mitti coming to you quite literally.

– Matcha Bath Salt’s to help you relax and unwind with a bit of green and white.

– Handmade paper Notebook with water colour Pakistani Map on its cover. It’s just too pretty for words.

– Summery, melon-y fresh soap sporting green and white with a touch of mocha adding the sparkle our country SO BADLY needs.

– The fantastic Karachi Candle Company’s unparalleled Motia Noir Candle in a size that’ll last you a year. I promise. It smells so gorgeously of homeland it’s a surefire tearjerker on 14th august eve.

I have been curating these boxes with a lot of love for the past few months but this one was it’s own class. So so close to my heart.

Looking forward to a better, more beautiful and prosperous Pakistan year after year after year. Aamiin.

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