Breastfeeding Myth Buster

I was a formula fed baby.

So was my sister.

I feel it is important for me to share this before I step into a breastfeeding intensive conversation since somehow any such discussion gives some people the impression that formula is bad.

Formula saves lives. It is the next best thing to Mother’s milk and is an absolute choice. Yes. It’s a Mother’s choice to breastfeed or not. She can refuse it on a whim and that’s alright.



It’s her body, her decision to get it shredded by a new baby and then once teeth start coming in. I thought I’d pull together a list of myths that new moms or to-be Moms are exposed to. Being a first time mom you are usually lost and baseless myths sometimes seem authentic. Here’s what you do when you hear any of these.

Fold and tuck in your ears and RUN!

Myth 1

If you get a C section you won’t be able to breastfeed.

Bollocks. I had a C section. I was feeding within the first hour of my baby’s birth. I am at exactly 15 months postpartum today and still going strong.

Myth 2

If you don’t have milk leakage through pregnancy, it means either you won’t be able to feed or you aren’t capable of making enough milk.

So this one scared me a bit. I had zero leakage through pregnancy. Though once it started off, the baby knew how to get what she needed and it was flowing within no time.

Myth 3

Breastfeeding comes to you naturally.

If I can find the person who said this the first time ever, I would make my child chew their nips off and then ask how naturally inclined they feel towards breastfeeding.

There’s NOTHING about breastfeeding that comes to you instinctively. You need to learn the angles, the way and of course build the comfort of aim infant gnawing on you periodically.


It is painful as hell. I was writhing in pain for the first month every time she would feed. It is like learning how to play a guitar. Your fingers cut and bleed in the beginning but soon they get used to the assault!

Myth 3

You’re not making enough milk

This is the scariest most vile expression that is thrown around to new moms especially in the first week postpartum.

The fact is. You WILL only get few drops but those drops are all that’s needed. You only judge the milk supply deficit by way of number of wet diapers. NOTHING else. At all. After 2 weeks of age, add weight progress to that but honestly that’s it!

Myth 4

You need to put the baby on formula for the night or they won’t gain weight OR so you can sleep better.

Unless you turn into a hamster at night, nothing happens to your milk. You’re the same person with the same (truckloads of) boobs doing the same darn thing the same darn way. If you want to sleep well, and keep your supply going keep feeding the baby. Otherwise you’re getting up to make a bottle which is much more disruptive than a baby finding his way to your boob, having his fill and rolling away.

Myth 5

Drink milk to make milk.

This is akin to eat goat testicles to get rid of mardaana kamzori (erectile dysfunction). I mean FFS. Seriously?

No such thing exists. Drink milk if you like having milk. It’ll contribute to the calories and nutrition the way everything else does to make milk. Your boobs are not connected directly to your stomach.

Are there any you’ve heard that you wish to debunk or better still, want us to debunk?

I’d be glad to help. Bring it on!

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