Jet lagged Teething Jaguar

Man proposes God disposes.

Mother proposes. God laughs and laughs and laughs, toddler joins in. So does the crockery and cutlery. Also the diapers and wipes. The kitchen sink and the universe.

There’s so much to share about the England trip and I want to write it all out before I forget the fun details but a teething and jet lagged toddler takes the lead.

We have been back four days and Sassi is severely jet lagged. She sleeps anywhere between 2:30am and 4:30 am and sleeps soundly till mid day. It is driving us nuts but she herself is also uncomfortable because teething. So half the time I’m feeding a sleepy baby Calpol and trying to make a sore baby sleep. Neither works of course.

This brought me to what works and what doesn’t with baby jet lag. What works, I can’t say for sure yet but I do know what doesn’t work. Also I can tell what is helping us improve every passing day. So almost what works.

1. Shift Schedules

Make them change their schedules bit by bit through the week leading up to the travel. Clearly I had no idea this was a trying and so I’m suffering but I’m keeping this one in mind for future expeditions.

2. If they wake up super late in the day don’t let them nap. NO! Do NOT make this mistake.

I tried doing this. I ended up with a cranky overtired baby. I’m now on team let the baby sleep but try to lovingly wake them up after max an hour so they have some sleep stored away for the night.

3. Try receding their wake up time every day.

The key word here is “try” and not force. Playfully wake them up. Treat them with their favourite activity.

4. Feed them well during the day

Mine is also skimping on being fed because teeth. I hate teeth. I just hate them. I’m all for doodh double roti (Milk soaked Bread) through life. Who needs teeth anyway. So overrated. (Cry out my sore boobs that get chewed on. Only because. More teeth)

5. When they wake up at night don’t get all active.

They keep getting up. Mine slept around 9:30pm today and I was delirious. Much to my dismay she was up in 2 hours and played until 4am. Key is to not give in to active play mode. No lights. No stepping out of bed or at least draw the line at the bedroom. Entertain them there and every now and then try to phase it out.

6. Nibbling ears!

OMG we just discovered it. She gets calmer if we nibble her earlobes. I put her to sleep yesterday doing it. As F says don’t overuse the ear trick (he figured it out!) we don’t want to run out. I say, a good night’s sleep is worth it.

7. Teething can elicit medicine.

I know everyone is of a different school of thought but I personally feel the teething pain is inevitable and there’s no point keeping the child in pain. So I do give her a full dose of Calpol if she is in too much pain. I just don’t start a 4-6 hours routine. I just give it once to calm her and see after six hours if she needs it or not. Usually it is NOT.

8. Figure the destination time and try adhering to it through the flight.

Our flight was through the night. She could’ve easily slept through and been okay the next morning. However we chose to be the cabin crew’s pet baby onboard. With smiles for the air hostesses every time they passed by, to toddling around the place. She had a ball. Now we are stuck with balls!

Any of you have a great tip to add? We are desperate for any knowledge that can come our way!

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