God is in The Detail

Raising a toddler is a wonder filled experience every single day.

There’s so much that beckons you to ponder deeper than what meets the eye but the one thing that inspires me more than others while I thank the Almighty profusely in my head a gazillion times a day is Sassi’s obsession with detail. There are very few things I can’t stand more than people who live through life in a daze. I find it ungrateful of the beautiful life we have been blessed with.

Sassi will spot the smallest (and large, we don’t discriminate within the insect world!) ant or spider and race it to its death. Every time I find her moving at a speed unlikely of her to have adopted, I know for a fact there’s an insect life on the line.

She will pick up the finest grain or micro piece of paper and hand it to you. You not only have to be able to see it, you must acknowledge its existence with much excitement, accept the gift and here comes the tough part, GIVE IT BACK TOO. So you better not drop that ripped fibre of a tissue napkin she so meticulously “MADE” for you. Nope.

It’s sacrilege to miss a step, blasphemous to not be as involved as she is.

Our other favourite fine detail activity is scraping. Absolutely anything. From stitches on a bed headboard, to a sticker pasted on any surface, to gravel under the park swings. Everything must be patiently yet perfectly scratched and peeled or scratched off to be picked up and carried around like a prized possession and given to the closest adult for safekeeping for approximately 3.5 seconds.

It is astounding to see a baby that was a mere tadpole less than two years ago, now flexes her tiny fingers and that incredible but mini brain to the extent of engrossing all attention to the finest particle she can reach in a world so huge and new that surrounds her. With all the options and distractions plenty to fill her day, this one chooses detail and I’m over the moon about it.

God really is in the detail for if you look hard enough, you are sure to find him. 14.5 months and this little beaver is at it and strong.

Someone is never missing the fine print. Amen.

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