A Train (Hop), a bus (Skip) and a Walk (Jump) to Oxford!

It was a long weekend that seemed to have packed a week long worth of things-to-do.

I was a little heartbroken at missing Edinburgh having gone so close as to a stop away quite literally. We went to Newcastle to buy my new mini wardrobe that I’d throw away the second I lose weight. No wait. The nanosecond I lose weight.

I’m one of those who gained weight post my pregnancy. I was 14kg over my prepregancy weight at full term, lost most of it one month postpartum and 14.5 months postpartum I’m at almost 15kg overweight.

So clearly I can’t fit into anything I own. Which resulted in my trip to Primark to buy clothes I won’t feel guilty throwing away.

We went to Metro Centre NewCastle which is literally one train station away from Edinburgh. However this beauty showing up at our table at lunch made up for the scenic views missed.

Okay maybe not the scenic views but it was some consolation.

Saturday evening we went to one of many old local pubs, the Greentree House pub from 1727

The place was brimming with things for Sassi to do. That is, so many new friends to make. By the time we got done we had three new families that were friends with her. Facepalm.

The one comment she keeps getting is she has a very old Soul or she has very wise, old soulsy vibe. An elderly gentleman at the pub also commented, she has very old, wise eyes.

I don’t know about you but I do believe in reincarnation and very firmly believe my child here has had many earlier lives. She has taught me so much in these mere 14 months, my 36 years pale in comparison.

Sunday morning we set out from Durham to Oxford. On our way we broke at London for lunch and none other than Granger & Co. was there to the rescue since the suitcases beckoned a place that had step free access. I was in no mood to make my poor husband carry them up stairs anywhere. Little did I know, our final destination would kick the mickey out of every such intention. As usual the waitresses just wanted to keep Sassi there. Makes me wonder how harsh we have become as a nation? Our every day life has become such a struggle for sanity we hardly stop to appreciate tiny humans blessing our surroundings. If a city such as London where you don’t have any time to spare and no one speaks to each other on a commute, my baby manages to attract attention of upto 12 strangers a day, we are not only lagging economically but also in humanity and basic softness as a human being.

My buttermilk fried chicken burger with Nashi Pear sauce gives away the existence of a toddler in my life. Those torn pieces of chips on the side, waiting to cool down so Sassi can chomp them down we’re not originally a garnish for my dish!

My hibiscus and lemon soda was delectable to say the least. Fragrant and bursting at the seams with the sunshine-y citrus. Sigh.

I actually enjoyed it sip by sip as Faisal entertained Sassi with a walk around the restaurant attracting one table full of people after another.

It’s so heartening to see the return of paper straws at most places including Granger and Co. Sassi ofcourse ripped it apart and I took it away just in time for her to not eat it with the chips she was stuffing her face with. Such challenges!

On our way to Oxford on the bus Sassi and I had a fight. I was stern to her and she was inconsolable. She isn’t really used to harsh times and a typical Taurean that she is, cane crashing down with all that “bull” in her nature. Just then, like an angel from up above, a Sikh Student of DPhil Religious Studies (as we would find out later) got on the bus and asked if he could sit next to me. I would’ve offered him to take my seat too if I could! My child was engrossed in his turban, beard and sporadic snap of finger he would do to entertain her with a nice sway.

The walk from the bus stop to the hotel I will cover in the next post because I firmly believe it deserves a separate post even if it is a short one!

Long story short, we are in the (terribly tourist crowded) city of academics which is still quaint enough to be as lovable as it has always been.

Where we are staying is a bit of an interesting one! Stay tuned.

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