Teeth-ered to Durham

I have been skipping my regular blog post for over a week now. There’s soooo much to talk about however let me start with a “here’s why!”

As we make our way through a British vacation my baby’s horrid teeth decided to cut through at the same time. So wracked in pain, fever rising to 103 Degrees Fahrenheit and a neverending Diarrhoea has been dotting our days.

Though can I say babies are absolute troopers? Had a grown up been exposed to such levels of pain and illness, they’d make life miserable for themselves as well as those around them.

Sassi just stopped eating (which is giving me a coronary) and just gets a tad more clingy. It hurts my heart to see her double in pain and screech yet on better days she will be happy, hearty and playful!

We had to proceed up further to Scotland that we cancelled and stuck around Durham for a week instead and it has been beautiful. The weather is warmer than what I’d like but here’s all we have done in the past week!

1. Discovered a Cherry Tree (or Three!)

My friends have lived in this house for around eighteen years. They never knew it was a Cherry Tree! Can you believe it? Cherries growing and falling to the ground year after year and no one picking them to eat? I of course, the ever eager fruit picker ate five in a go before declaring it cherry. The thing is gorgeous!

2. Sassi loves swings!

I had never taken her to a park because to be honest it’s so hot in Lahore, I won’t dare step out with a toddler. However here in Durham, it’s beautiful and she LOVES the small Wood street Park Play Area. She loves to swing. With or without me.

3. Root Vegetable Crisps are Lit AF

My latest addiction that I will break as soon as the train pulls me away from Durham is the Root Vegetable Crisps. These are better than potato crisps (okay not really but they do give it a healthy competition. Pun intended) and so so addictive.

4. Sassi and Other Animals

Both F and I grew up with dogs (and cats and other animals in my case too!). One of the very first things I wanted for my baby was the ability to connect with animals. I can’t wait for her to be a little older so we can bring in pet (s) for her to grow up with. It is SO important for children to have pets around I think I’ll do a separate post on that. Sass just became friends with a 13 year old German Shepherd. Sadly it is a friendship that might not last too long since he’s an old man but we don’t stop making friends in fear of the other person dying do we? Hours have been spent, both baby and uncle Zak at eye level, contemplating a philosophical conversation or attempts at sharing a meal. As loved as Zak is and the first ever big dog I fell in love with, my heart bursts at the seams to see my child having the pleasure of his company, something we have little to look forward to. Focusing on “we have him today” for now. Thank you my love for giving my baby a very loved week.

5. Apple and Elderflower is my Poison.

I’ve never been fond of apple juice and always found it too sweet and a tad heavy. However. Brace yourself. This week I discovered this lovely drink that I can’t get enough of. It’s Apple and Elderflower Juice and the lightest most wonderful, breezy drink ever with a strong Elderflower presence cutting through the sweetness of Apple Juice. Fragrant, balanced and light. I can have it all day!

In other news, Sassi has started on her possessive streak as of two days ago and now I can’t touch anyone. Period.

Hello Jelly!

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