Andy Warhol Anniversary Coup

We were on a train ride from London to Durham when my (Art School Professor) sister sent me a Pop Art version of reminiscence.

It’s been a long long hiatus but we are busy meandering through a London vacation, skipping underground trains and hitching Black Cabs instead so Mademoiselle can travel in the proverbial lap of comfort.

Never had I imagined I will take a cab across three zones including central London. With Sassi it’s a no-brainer. The underground is boiling with heat and I can’t imagine my happy, Good-natured baby being exposed to that and make her cry.

It’s been two years since F and I tied the knot. I feel we’ve been together forever and He thinks time just flew by. I don’t know which is right and which is a compliment to the relationship. All I know is it’s a beautiful life with a beautiful man inside out and I am glad we did this two years ago.

Both of us have been married before but Sassi is our first born. I’m glad Time and life chose the two of us to procreate because she’s a riot. Something went right (or wrong!) and she is the brightest, happiest, friendliest child I have ever met.

The extrovertest baby of the introvertest mother ever. We just got off the train at Durham after a three hour journey and around eight people were glued to the windows waving goodbye.

Off the Quiet Coach, mind you. I was petrified she will get us kicked off but she was a star! From peekaboo with everyone to literally picking my bag apart and handing things out to people in the coach (one each at a time. Very organised we are), she didn’t cry once.

Until it was time for a car seat!

Now this kid wasn’t manufactured for restraints. Any buckles and straps or belts and she’s miserable. The Taurean Bull inside her bucks to be let go.

Our friends in Durham usually drive us around and since it’s the law for private cars to only seat children with a car seat, I hired a car seat for a week from this place called Baby Comes 2.

Their service was impeccable. I needed the seat within less than their normal lead time and they not only very happily accommodated ys, they ensured the very timely delivery of the seat so it could be ready at the destination for usage preceding our arrival. I was a little queasy about hiring a car seat and it being second-hand (typical this side of the pond issues, regrettably) but I was delighted to see that it is in great condition and very comfortable too. A service definitely recommended

Even though Sassi at the mere prospect of being strapped up started writhing in protest accompanied with screeches that were overdue since naptime was an hour ago. To this, once after at least 6-7 months, Baby Shark came to rescue. The thing got her mesmerised within seconds and as we reached our hotel, she was up and about.

After an hour of running around the room trying to unpack and failed attempts of jumping into the bathtub she is fast asleep hugging her daddy, equally sound in sleep.

I have at least five more blogposts in the making and will be posting them soon but I couldn’t have missed this day of the year to thank Allah ta’ala and my darling husband for everything in life they’ve given me.

This beautiful life of this Lahori Mom.

Here’s a reminder of what I looked like before the storm called Sassi Sumbul Bari hit this body and I became nice and fluffy. My husband of course is just as handsome if not more.

Love him. Love her. Love this day.

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