Bach, Bus Wheels and Green Beans

Saturday morning arrived with much fervour for it was our much awaited Bach to Babies Concert at Christ Church in Islington and Highbury.

Little Laddu decided to sleep in and woke up only in the nick of time so we can scramble our way out.

A train and a bus ride later we were going around the Church building eagerly looking to find our way to enter the premises.

Tickets were prepaid and we tried really hard to contain our excitement.

Nope. Won’t work for us today.

It was a Flute session by Fergus Davidson and I was really keen on seeing how my child would respond to classical music.

Without any further ado we were led to the venue and it was so sweet. Bang in the middle of a church, complete with Bible and a motivational book on every chair, there was floor sitting available up front too so naturally Sassi chose that. So did I.

Slowly people started pouring in with toddlers in tow. Soon the place started to fill up.

Fergus actually told us a lot of history of the flute, also the fact that origins of flute were found around 43,000 years ago. Sharing different kinds and variations of this wind instrument from different parts of the world.

I was only observing kids once he started playing. Everyone (under the age of 4 by the way) sat down nicely and listened! It was so cool. As if they were stunned into silence. They would get up and move around and come back for a drink or bite to their carers but not a peep or a wail. Sass sat there looking at the musician straight in the eye for a bit, second or third arrangement she was on her feet, walking through the tiny crowd of little people, dancing in slow motion (because the music wasn’t exceptionally fast!).

Through it all, my little appreciator of arts, old souls-y Sass would keep sitting up front with the musician, unaware of her surroundings, enjoying as if he was there for her private entertainment!

It was such a treat to watch! Soon we moved over to Nursery Rhymes and everyone joined in with the fun and games.

Wheels on the bus sounded quite lovely on flute I must say!

After some much loved exchange of words of gratitude we set out for lunch and it was a delight how close my favourite Ottolenghi was to this place!

Unfortunately, it was one trip to realise how life changes once you’re a mom.

1. Your baby will most definitely vehemently reject today what they literally OD-ed on yesterday. So what they eat is never a sign of what they’ll eat tomorrow.

Today’s Manna will be tomorrow’s Spit Out. Aka a fistful of green beans I had to yank out of her mouth because she had chewed them to tiny bits but won’t gulp. (Al Dente for us, too tough for bébé)

2. Pictures of food plates. Thing of past. Shovel food in until someone is holding your baby.

3. Basically just run around the restaurant trying to keep your child from

a) licking the glass door

b) Pulling on someone’s summer dress that your child likes the print of.

c) Grabbing someone’s tissue napkin and letting out a victorious cackle

d) Running over behind someone to enter the toilet when someone goes in.

All true stories from ONE trip to Ottolenghi.

Clearly I thoroughly enjoyed it. My child is hilarious.

On another note, I quite loved the high chair they had. It was by Stokke and this wooden thing that grows with the baby. Sadly they only deliver in the U.K. sob sob.

As always we walked out with tons of cake for pudding. *swooooon*

A day well spent and just enough to reach home with a baby falling over with sleep and crying ballistically. Only to sleep for 25 minutes and play like mad until late at night.

Next post.

How to make a trifle. With a baby.


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