Oh the Places You’ll Go

It’s hitting late 20s every day and we’re melting.

Does it make sense?

We are here from the 47 degrees Celsius land. Yet 27 kicks us in the gut.

Back in Pakistan we don’t step out. When on vacation we want to go EVERYWHERE! So basically from an air conditioned 18-19 degree Celsius, 27 is definitely a jump.

Despite that, we have an entire list of activities planned out for the month to follow. Because, baby’s on vacay!

One would think there isn’t much to do for a one year old but brace yourself, where organised classes/ sessions were smoothly decided against, there’s plenty of fun stuff you can do.

1. Frog Prince Choir

It’s a colourful and lively music session doing weekly tours around different London locations where children get to interact with the instruments too. Worth a shot! It’s walk in and pay up. £5 per adult and siblings go free. So perhaps £5 per family? Let’s see when we get there.

2. Victoria & Albert Childhood Museum

With free exhibits and daily drop in activities, the place is brimming with things to attract kids and parents alike. Definitely on our list. The nearest train station is Cambridge Heath overground it Bethnal Green Underground. Entry Free.

3. Tate

So much to do! Walk around exhibits, explore, look out at the view. I LOVE Tate and can’t wait for Sassi to love it too. They have an entire online space for kids. How cool is this?

4. London Transport Museum

With the ride and things to see, I feel it would be more interesting for an older child. Nevertheless that isn’t keeping me from dragging my one year old to it. If she’s bored we can go out and have chips at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Covent Garden bliss!

5. London Postal Museum

So I’ve heard plenty about this one but don’t have much idea how it would be for a tiny Sassi’s age. Will probably have a look and update this post.

6. Bach to Baby

This is one place I REALLY want to take Sassi to. Bach to Baby is the critically acclaimed classical concert series for babies, toddlers and their carers. Tots get to dance, roam about and revel in the wonder of live music.

I’m aiming for the Around the World concert by Flutist Fergus Davidson for now. We might go in for another and another and another but so so excited about it.

Edit: We went and LOVED it. See post Here

7. Discover Children’s Story Centre

I have my heart set on this so bad I wish we can go every day. It has Story World Exhibits with stories coming to life and a daily storytelling session. Their 0-3 one is Splash and Squeeze and we are sure to catch it one of these days!

8. Kew Gardens

I LOVE Kew Gardens. I feel a baby has so much to explore in a botanical garden and it’s such a green, happy and positive place to be. It ha got to be a riot. Will update once we go but that’s a sure one on my list.

9. Picnic in the Park

Ooooh I want to have lots of these. Pack some strawberries and water melon with some sugar cookies (since that’s all she’s eating since we got here) and off we will go.

The places I have in mind are Regents Park, Hyde Park, the quaint little park behind William Morris Gallery and Hampstead Heath. Let’s see how many we are able to pull off.

10. Bear + Wolf Cafe

It’s one thing to have a restaurant give your child a colouring sheet and some crayons but this cafe apparently goes all out. It has space for kids to play around. We need to go check this one out. Tufnell Park tube station is close by.

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