The Eaglet Has Landed

Anyone who knows me for a day, knows my love of England, specifically London.

We have history. I’ve spent some of my life’s best and worst times here. It’s the perfect example of life for me, this city.

Yesterday I reached here, in a pair. For the first time ever, London, I bring you my kidlet!

I was so scared of the horror stories of kids on long flights I lugged along an entire bag full of random toys to offer her through the flight. I kid you not, I probably took out one or two things. Mostly she played with plastic crockery and other people’s clothes. Also periodically going on a loop “Aaja Aaja” which is her way of telling she wants to walk. (It means come here in Urdu and I always would say it lovingly when she started crawling and of course walking the few steps she does. She has made it synonymous with walking and keeps saying Aazha Aazha, a hybrid of Aaja Aaja when she walks.) needless to say, I will not correct her ever and will convince her for as long as I possibly can to keep saying it whenever she walks. Promise to self.

There’s something divinely cute about a baby walking towards a corner or a bookshelf or basically away and saying “Come Here” all the whirl!

She also bummed a few fries off another kid (whose parents had the courage to swing by McDonald’s at Dubai airport after a 1.5 hour delayed flight and thus shortened connection. I of course was too scared of missing the flight so just flew to the gate and parked ourselves there until we were ready to board.) of which I’m SUPER PROUD! Go Sass!

All in all she was a champ and charmed the skirts off the stewardesses giving them her three toothed smiles complete with crinkly eyes and playing peekaboo as they would pass us by.

Made a few friends on the flight who she forgot as soon as we passed immigration. Typical seasoned traveler style.

With my Stratford Upon Avon bag I hold so close to my heart and my Grey Pashmina Shawl I got for my Baby shower, Sass bundled up into an almost ball, clutching her pink bunny sent by Aunty Linda all the way from Montreal, leaning against the sign that the cab driver awaiting us held.


Chaucer Road, it said.

Happy tears, enter now.

Baby Bari is here and ready to rumble.

After a good 19 hours out of the house (straight out of slumber and quite literally her bed), this child was doing a rave, lift the sky up dance moves in her car seat in the taxi while the radio belted Out “Right here waiting for you”.

So here we are London. My child with all her boisterous ways is ready to explore you. We might go to Ashford later today if Mademoiselle decides to grace us with her active presence. Napping like a log on Prozac.

Stay tuned for a ton of fun here and on our insta stories this entire month.

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