How to Squeeze Elation in a Packed Week

Last year was F’s first ever Father’s Day. As a Father of course!

I had ordered macarons and a customised mug and a gift voucher for a massage and a spa treatment. That darn voucher. He used it probably a month or two ago! That’s how long it took him to put it to use.

This year I wanted to get him something more functional and something he will use up.

So I got him this lovely set of Blue lotus White Tea handmade soap with a Blue lotus Face toner. To the lovely drawstring pouch I added a tiny perfume bottle I had picked from Miniso a few months ago, the Tasbih (Rosary) he has been drooling over and made him a concentrated oil blend for his hair. Or what’s left of it. I like it! It has Cedarwood, Frankincense and a few other oils. He likes it too.

I still have to put together the other blend I wanted to make and couldn’t because, Sass.

I didn’t go over to my Dad’s because it’s his birthday tomorrow. Thinking of going today. Maybe.

Last year Father’s Day and his Birthday fell in the same date. It was so convenient. Or was it year before last? The past year and a half seen to be up in a daze for me. Pregnancy seems to descend a constant fog on your brain that takes its time to go. I very strongly feel it is because your systems are busy creating a human that it ceases to have space for less important stuff like MEMORY. it prioritises giving your bubba some toenails over where did I keep the keys?

He’s the best. With all his annoyance and capability to drive you up the wall, he’s perhaps the best friend a girl could have and I’m glad he’s my dad. He’s also very cute.

I miss Abbaa and Dada jaan. I don’t wanna talk about those two. This is my happy post. Thinking of them is always a tear jerker.


This is my favourite picture of us. Well actually there’s another one but this is the funniest and the truest depiction of what our relationship has been like. Me always raring to break free, A always chilled out and rather complacent. Lala always smiling. Classic, I tell you.

Day before yesterday when we sat after a happening day of memory ripe, gorgeous food I saw something white flashing at me when S threw her head back and laughed. In pure Mum style I stuck my finger in her mouth and Voila! Baby popped a tooth on Eid day! I was so relieved. I thought she won’t ever pop any more and we will live with just the two lower, central incisors. They’re taking so long! My poor baby gets diarrhoea and discomfort and what not on loop without a single tooth showing itself. Anyway. We got a new one and it’s a lateral incisor on the top. Happy Happy Happy.

Once my periods have returned postpartum I tend to get them real quick in succession. They hardly wait a couple of weeks before showing up again like “Hello!” I’m loving this Video that’s lately been going around. Howlarious.

I’ve also been super super lazy about my multivitamins and Calcium supplement for the past around five months or so and I can feel getting drained really quick. I need to get back on that bandwagon

At the end of this week S and I are flying out to London, finally, for my first vacation in over a year. My first draft packing is done. I will be locking in the final draft today. Mostly its gifts, I’m trying to take as little stuff apart from it as possible. It’s the cabin Baggage I will need to very wisely put together. As usual, I have a list and I’m dying to share it with y’all. Just want it to be a focused, separate post. Hehe. Coming right up.

I also have to wrap up a lot of work before I take off, put some cheques in the mail, manage the outgoing Dotte shipments for July subscriptions. Order supplies for August since we will only be back in the nick of time. I’ve been interviewing people back to back, reviewing CVs and all and going a little nuts with the slow pace of Ramzaan at it. Everyone is way too chilled out for my liking. Glad they’ll return to their slightly better self in terms of productivity and I hope I meet some nicer people this week so Ánesi can power on forward. It’s been growing like a weed and I need to reign in that growth and put it to good use.

As jam packed this week is, I feel super drained and lazy to do anything at all. Yet everything seems to be flowing at, what Meryl Streep said in Devil wears Prada, “a Glacial pace”.

Must write cheques today. And schedule the rest of the week. And get that packing done. And the two more blog posts that I have buzzing at the back of my head.


Can someone help me lift a finger? I’m still in Eid Mode.

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