Cyclonic Mad hatter Heat wave


I don’t know if the heat is worse than the years past or is it one of the three or all of the following circumstances that lead me to believe this is quite the worst possible summer already.

1. I now have a baby

2. I used to be cooped up in my office all day, step out at night, head home only to head back to work in the am

3. I’m back in Lahore. Meaning unlike Karachi it actually doesn’t get crazy hot and then flies, animals, people start dropping dead and the heat continues on its relentless rampage. We play tag between close to 50 degrees Celsius followed by Thunderstorms to dig up dead fashion mistakes from seasons past, rain pouring out of its ears.

In the midst of mercury reaching 47 degrees Celsius. (Yes. True story) the quest for the lightest possible clothes for Sassi was inevitable. Most days I’d only let her loose without any and have tons of water play time when we would water “her” using a plants watering can from one of her toys Subscription Box (separate post coming soon!). Yesterday there was power outage through most of the day and night and we ended up driving around the city in the gorgeous downpour following the scorching daytime.

While I was contemplating what the best choice of wardrobe for her would be, this past week we thankfully received three onesies in the mail From Chibi Bibi! They were just onesies like gazillion others we own.

Until I removed the covers.

They feel like my baby’s ears. Have you ever felt a baby’s ears? They’re the most fragile, cartilage ever. So delicate yet so strong.

They’re soft, airy and so Comfortable, Sassi (clearly) doesn’t have any complaints. Otherwise most clothes hit the bin with even the slightest of nuisance value. Like an ill placed zip, or a tag (or a booklet for a tag).

Not just that, they come with super adorable characters on top that say “Don’t Mess With Me” and baby versions of our favourite superheroes “Super Baby” and “Wonder Woman” which of course we know we are CRAZY bout, I still have Sassi’s old onesie safe with me that featured in our Hundred Days ‘a Chuggin’ post!

So while my little tissue ripping, bum shaking, spider annihilating Super Baby sleeps in her official attire complete with a cheddar cheese stain up front, we eagerly wait to transform into Wonder Woman and a cutesie that says “Don’t Mess With Me”.

Thank you Chibi Bibi for rising to the occasion and making this heat a tad bearable for both of us!

* I will never EVER recommend a brand that I don’t use or prefer myself or for my own child. This note is for parents reading this as well as interested brands.

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