Shopping Cart: Heart included

Done with your Ramzaan Charity, Zakat Disbursement et al?But there’s still more Ramzaan to go (whaaat? WHAAAT?)

Eid coming up and so is oodles of Eidee. Plan to shop some fun stuff?

Birthday coming up. Yours or a loved ones’ Wanna treat them or yourself with a gift unique as hell.

I’ll tell you what.

Head over to Kickstarter or Indiegogo and pledge/ fund a project. Or two. Or a few. Okay maybe pledge smaller amounts to many but this is my favourite place to shop. Like ever.

Here’s why

1. You get to shop from next month’s budget

Or two months away or whenever the project timeline ends. For starters you only select a package/ deal and pledge x amount of money. They just get your details and don’t charge you yet. Your card gets charged at a preordained date (shared with you at the time of pledging, so heads up) IF the chosen project gets full funding within its timeline defined.

2. Unique Product/ Access to Service.

You end up getting a product NO ONE else has so far. That too, something someone has created. You’re part of the journey of tomorrow’s PostIt, Apple, Nose Frida, Moleskine. Who knows what all? Way better than having all these brands in your shopping cart today. The fun ship has sailed! If this isn’t serious dibs on coolness I don’t know what is.

3. Serious Kickstart

You not just support a really kickass product/ project, you pitch in to turn a dreamer into an entrepreneur. There’s no reason to hold back on all this mad energy. Do it. Do It NOW.

4. Individual Gratification

An actual little (or big) person (or a few people) do a little jig when you as much as pledge money. It builds them as people and God knows we need people to be built instead of torn down more in this day and age.

5. The Spread

The choices are mind blowing. From Cautionary Fables & Fairytales: Oceania Edition to The 2018 Procedural Generation JamAn outfit, a notebook, a vanity bag will never cut it again. I promise.

The last time I received a personal note from an Indiegogo project founder I had helped fund, I cried buckets.

Okay, I was pregnant as hell but still. It counts.

Think about Shopping this way and I promise you won’t regret it.

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