Step By Step

These past few days have been debilitating.

I slowed down my work routine deliberately. Some preplanning, some organising things earlier, I’ve had the past few days mostly to myself and Sass. However. Since the day I let go of the madness, I’ve been near lifeless.

Migraines after migraines. Can’t lift a finger. Handing baby off to daddy and sleeping (doesn’t happen usually!)

In the midst of all that, S had her visa application visit (read: nightmare) on a day mercury hit 45 degrees Celsius and the following day, decided to walk.

After shredding tissue paper to minuscule shreds and feeding pretty much every kid under that roof, her Gerber puffs at Gerry’s Visa Application Centre, the following day, she (totally unaware of what she’s done) took her first steps.

Like a wary kitten, with wobbly legs she walked from Daddy to the bedpost. He saw it of course. I didn’t because I was sprawled across the bed, half dead. She did it again within the next three minutes and I missed it AGAIN!

I’m glad Daddy saw it though. I love how he loves her. It’s like a gentle giant doting over Thumbelina.

Most of the time since then she has been trying to get more comfortable with lifting her foot and walking but would usually tell it to go fly a kite and resort to her mowgli crawl that she now does with such dexterity, it would give Flash a head rush.

Soon we should be prancing all over the place. On two legs. *Confetti*

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