The Tooth Tales


S has been teething since she was six weeks old. I of course had no clue. I’d just gone to her paediatrician’s Office and amongst other things raised a question over her excessive drooling. This wasn’t just any drooling. Her face would constantly elicit large pools of drool, wherever she kept it. To the extent I was worried she might be getting dehydrated. The doc at first said oh some kids drool more than the other, there’s nothing to worry about but during her detailed physical he realised her gums are all white. He declared her to be teething yet warned us that this doesn’t by any means signify that she will get teeth any earlier. And boy did she stick to that one.
What didn’t we try. From Chamomile granules, to homeopathic, to teetha gel, to Amber necklaces. Name it and we have done it. Despite her being a very nice baby there were times when she would pull her hair in her sleep or hit her head against the wall or the floor. It was physically impossible to keep her from hurting herself. This teething business was driving her nuts.
Then came the fevers, diarrhoea, roseola, sore throats. Everything in succession of another. Apparently teething lowers the baby’s immunity and everybody’s welcome to have a ball in her system.
I had given up looking for teeth in her mouth and resorted to the fact that she is perhaps going to pop some really really late. Most kids born close to her had already had a tooth or two. We were still waiting to break open the three baby toothbrushes I had excitedly picked up in England through my pregnancy. Maybe I should start using them, I thought.
When we were least expecting, on March 11 as usual she wanted to chew my finger but instead of the usual smooth, hard, cutesie gums, I felt ridges. RIDGES! We finally had teeth.
We now brush them too with the Natural Tooth paste jingle from my childhood. I start singing and she opens her mouth. It’s so much fun. Though she hates getting her face wiped.
Every little thing is an adventure. Let’s see how many pop up within the next few months. The big first birthday impending, hope the lower incisors peeking out, actually take the Centre stage and make it to some pictures at the very least.
As scared as I was about nursing with teeth she has actually been quite decent about it so far. I only got bitten while she was drifting off to sleep a few times and would stop immediately as soon as I checked her softly. Let’s see how this goes but so far it’s okay.
If there’s anything cuter than a baby crawling like a crab, (no knees on the floor) it’s a baby crawling like a crab with two lower incisors.

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