38 weeks 4 days

That’s exactly the day Sassi was born. Gestational age though.
Laddu, Today, marks the Time you’ve spent since birth matching what you spent inside me.
Exactly 38 weeks 4 days old, you’re softly breathing on my arm you’re snuggled up against, after motoring around the bed, almost jumping off it three times in less than 20 minutes.
That sounds about right vis a vis your in utero life too. You’d kick and jab and whack from the inside. Now you just do that from the outside. Even headbutting my bladder. You used to do that when you were inside me and nothing stops you from it now either.
This picture was taken a day before you were born. 38 weeks 3 days. I wanted to take another one with you laying peacefully on top of my belly when you match your gestational age with the Actual age.
Reality is so far from it, I kid you not. Pun intended.
I thought at 38 weeks 4 days old, you will be a beautiful baby purring away in my lap, peacefully sleeping. Or playing with your toys. Photo ops scattered around the days.
You just went to sleep after motoring around the bed for an hour. Laughing, leaping, almost jumping off the bed twice. Pictures are a battle because everything comes out blurred. That’s how much you move! Always in a hurry. Doing this, that or the other. Even when you sleep, you woke up twice since the beginning of this post because you can SMELL if I’m thinking of anything except you.
I’ve always had space issues. Always needed my space, my corner. Never had I imagined someone would do blatantly break down all barriers to infringe that privacy I lived my life with and I’m going to love her the way I love you. Not just because you’re my child but because I actually believe you’re a nice person and a lot of fun to be with. Yes. My almost 9 month old has a distinct personality and I like it.
I love your strong will. When you say blrrrrpt to oatmeal you mean it. I love your persistence. When you want Baba’s phone you will only sit in peace once you have it. I love your giggles and the abundance with which you bless us with them.
I’ll try to take the aforementioned picture tomorrow but if I’m unable to do that here’s a written account to mark this day.
You’re the centre of our universe.

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