Pump Action Guns!


After almost three months of exclusive breastfeeding on the boob, the last month of each meal being 1.5hours apart (sometimes even 40 minutes!) at the doctor’s orders to boost my baby’s weight growth which is in a lower percentile, I hesitantly unpacked the Electric breast pump I bought at 22 weeks pregnant. It would sit there on the chair in front of me every day looking at me, I returning the gaze occasionally. These past few months I was just struggling with so many things at the same time, between setting up a business, moving cities and raising a brand spanking new human I didn’t have it in me to embark on one other new thing.
Besides the boob is so convenient.
Only until you decide to step out of the house. Then you’re scrambling for a private spot to position yourself modestly to feed without flashing. Although by now I feel I have the entire script ready for any encounter that even glares at the notion of shaming me for breastfeeding in public.
I still won’t feed in public. Not because I am scared of flashing (I am not fond of it either) everyone with my boobs. I just feel it’s S’s and my time. I enjoy our time together, snuggling and cuddling. Smiling through it all.
It is scary because it kinda starts off nicely. Then it gets serious after two minutes.
I use the Medela Swing single Electronic pump and I can’t praise it enough. The cardinal rule with any pumps is to wash and sanitise before the first pumping session. I boiled all parts (except the electric one!!) in a large wide pan.
So yes. Still pumping with the struggle. Or struggling with the pump.

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