I will hold my child…


I hold my child.
It has been proven that you cannot “spoil” a child before the age of 1.5 years. By spoiling one doesn’t mean the ability of spotting patterns. It means exploiting them for benefits. Yes the child spots patterns much earlier and asks for its favourite ones too but doesn’t and can not hold you hostage for it by not feeding or bathing etc. The strategising sense is not developed until 18 months of age (sometimes till their 40s. True story)

I hold my child because I can’t keep myself away from her cheeks. I hold her because I love how she holds on to my clothes with her tiny fists. I hold her because I love how her face squished against me as she softly snores. I hold her because I love the toothless grins (and proper cackles) she suddenly breaks into through deep deep slumber
I hold my child because I know I won’t be able to do it forever. God help me if I ever come across a teenager draped across their mom’s bosom. This will only last until I am able to carry her and she’s not ashamed of being vulnerable. Though I pray for the latter to never happen, the former is what I live for. To make sure she grows beyond my lap, healthy, happy and content with all the comfort in the world.
I will hold her while she sleeps for as long as I want.

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