Father’s Day| Numero Uno



This is F’s first ever Father’s Day and as usual, I wanted to make it special. Like I did. Every day even loosely suggested by the world. It’s fun. It’s just nice to be happy and celebrate each other whatever opportunity one gets. So when people are busy asking “Why?”, I am more of team “Well, why not?”

Decided to celebrate the prior evening because Ramzaan/ Ramadan and by the time we would get to eat something, the day would be over. Also, according to Lunar Calendar, the day begins the prior evening so Yay!

So. Wanted to make it special as usual. Just that this time, I had little SS in my life. Let me rephrase that. Little SS had taken over my life this time. Even though I started planning two weeks ago (which was LATE by my standards), I had one cancelled order (because they had a breakdown and pushed the delivery date to next week!), one almost missed delivery (the landlady’s help told the macarons delivery guy we hadn’t ordered anything), a digital card with SS’s adorable one month celebration face peeking out of the artwork and an empty page on a card that said SS’s footprint because I am still searching for a non toxic paint/ colour/ ink to use with her skin. There was also a caricature I got made for him that I completely forgot about until later. I had to zip out during the day and get it printed and framed. He made me promise I’d still do it for him. I said I will. Like a deflated balloon.


We still got a hug and a giant smile out of Baba which is always lovely to have but I’ve realised, things might not be as meticulous as they’ve always been in my life, for quite some time now.

It makes my heart sink for a while.

Just until that little steam ship breaks a toothless grin.

Then it’s just fine.

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