Independence Day | The Day itself

The slightly mad PDA and our love-hate that tunes all green and white for a day. Or a week. Or a month if we are having a good year.

August for Independence: Part Three

Do’s and Don’ts for all times to follow whenever you handle a flag and fun and important things this week to enjoy Independence Day with a ROAR!

The Precious First

I know I’m astronomically late posting this one but it demanded respect. Sassi turned one and our hearts continue to melt away with love.

Strong will, Batman and Glitter Bangles

Stickers on face, bangles in wrists we are out to conquer the world. May you always shine through the clouds life occasionally brings over, my beautiful child . Aamiin

Breastfeeding Week Love

I’d like to conclude the World Breastfeeding Week on an emotional note. Breastfeeding was not a norm in my family. I got a lot of moral support but zero technical. Because frankly speaking no one knew anything about it. To top it all off, our paediatrician is a wonderful, thorough, super competent, anti- needless medication,…