Eid ul Azha, New Humans and Mr. Prime Minister

From a Mom Dilemma around Sacrifice to how Social media attacks us or picks us up on a magic carpet right down to how much a New Leader can help build a nation and what’s left for us to do.
This post is a whole lot of feels, decisions, expectations and Things to do (or mend?)

Newborn Parents: Part 1

With every newborn, there are two other infants that make an entry. The Parents. Here’s how to tackle the initial head rush of being new parents.

Independence Day | The Day itself

The slightly mad PDA and our love-hate that tunes all green and white for a day. Or a week. Or a month if we are having a good year.

August for Independence: Part Three

Do’s and Don’ts for all times to follow whenever you handle a flag and fun and important things this week to enjoy Independence Day with a ROAR!

The Precious First

I know I’m astronomically late posting this one but it demanded respect. Sassi turned one and our hearts continue to melt away with love.